Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Humor in my Life -- Part 14 --- Gullible - Trusting

Okay! Let me recount another tale from my relatively new and naïve days as a social worker. This scenario involved a couple who came to me in what I perceived to be their hour of need.

I'll call them Jesse and Janie. Both of them had mental issues. Jesse was a schizophrenic and Janie had a mood disorder. As was the case with many of my coupled clients, they seemed to make strange bedfellows, but who was I to judge?

This particular wintry day, Jesse and Janie had an urgent need. Janie exclaimed, “I'm having my period and I don't have any tampons!”

A barefooted Jesse pointed at his feet and said, “Hey man, it's cold out! I need some money for sneaks.”

Being the person who handled their finances, I was naturally concerned. How could I possibly deny them their basic needs? I immediately authorized the necessary funds and handed in my request to my supervisor.

She gave me a knowing smile and said, “Seems to me that you're being conned.”

“Oh no!” I emphatically protested. “Jesse doesn't even have any shoes!”

“Okay,” she relented with a twinkle in her eye. “Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it.”

I resentfully left her office wondering how she could be so judgmental. After all, she hadn't even seen them!

Moments later, I handed the necessary funds to the couple who seemed to be appropriately appreciative. Satisfied that I had done my job well in addition to doing a good deed, I watched them heading to the stairwell just as a colleague was bringing in a pair of sneakers from the same stairwell.

“Look what I found!” exclaimed the fellow social worker.

“Hey lady!” shouted Jesse. “Those are mine!”

Janie turned to Jesse and whispered something in his ear. Then Jesse grabbed his sneakers and the two of them hurriedly rushed into the stairwell. As they did so, I recalled the voice of my supervisor. It would take me years to get past being so gullible, but in time I would learn. As for then, it was just another lesson in discernment.

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