Thursday, June 9, 2011


Most of us have different lifestyles, religions, ethnic groups, cultures, and politics to name a few. By embracing the diversity of others, you will open new doors of understanding. You will create an atmosphere of tolerance that will help you to appreciate the uniqueness of others. It may also help them to appreciate you.

Respect breeds respect. It is only a matter of detaching from what you believe to be true and being open to learning. After all, life is a great teacher. It will lead to wisdom that will help you to navigate the waters of what can sometimes be a difficult journey.

Many of you have experienced prejudice in one form or another in your lifetime. You may be a member of a minority race. You may be gay. The list could go on and on.

For me, I have experienced prejudice as a redhead, as a gay man, and as a sex addict who is gratefully in recovery. I used to take on those judgments and feel “less than.” I choose not to allow that anymore. I recognize that I am a unique human being as each of you are. I celebrate who I am. You can do that too. You are deserving of respect and love and to offer that to others.

Unfortunately, you will not find that from everyone. That is because it is human nature to judge. Some people just don't like people who are different than themselves. Don't let that be your problem. Let is be theirs. Chances are, they don't like themselves very much. Perhaps you can just offer them a prayer and then let it go.

Now comes the real challenge. Look deep within yourself to see where you have judged others. It is amazing the different forms of prejudice that have contaminated each of you along your life journey. Choose to embrace an open attitude of tolerance. Also practice awareness of your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.

It will be amazing to see what bubbles to the surface. You will be surprised by those hidden judgments that you have been cultivating during your life. Examine each of them and see if you can remember where it came from.

You weren't born to practice judgment. You learned that along the way. Just remember to forgive yourself and whoever may have passed on those judgments to you. You and they didn't know any better because both of you were taught the same things along the way.

Each of you does the best you can, each step of the way, with what you knew about yourself as you went through your paces. The point is, that you can relearn negative messages about others. You can grow.

Choose not to remain stagnant. With an open mind, you will begin to appreciate all of the delicious diversity that life can offer. It will open new doors of understanding that will lead you to experience the beautiful tapestry of life.

Author Davis Aujourd'hui

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