Thursday, May 12, 2011


I bought a new house, fell in love with someone young enough to be my son, and I moved at a time when I was becoming physically and mentally ill. I took a long weekend off from work in order to move. I never returned to work again. That was another chapter in my life that closed as chaos reigned supreme within my shattered life.

I came to believe that I was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. My life revolved around prayer and spirituality. That's when the most amazing things began to happen.

On rainy or cloudy days, I would always be surrounded by a beam of sunshine. Music on the radio spoke directly to whatever I was experiencing. All I would need to do would be to think of someone. Not a minute later, the telephone would ring and that person would be on the other end of the line.

While all of this was spiritually comforting, my mental state was precarious and my new home was a mess. People I had known for years abandoned me. I was scared and I was becoming more physically ill. I would suffer multiple falls and I fractured bones all over my body. I became unable to walk.

When I wasn't experiencing calm, I became very reactive and angry. I would take that anger out on the people closest to me – the ones who were taking care of me. They understandably couldn't understand what was happening to me. My prayer rituals and my new reincarnational beliefs baffled them. They understandably thought I was crazy.

It's true that I was at many points. Yet, much of the time, I was incredibly at peace. God seemed to meet every need even when I ran out of money. Just when there weren't resources to buy food or pay my bills, money came from unexpected sources. One form of disability income after another presented itself just as my needs became more intense. My Higher Power never gave me any more than I could handle. He took care of me each step of the way.

It is daunting to try to paint a picture of the insanity that was present in my life. I was riding on a high that could disintegrate into a fathomless bottom of despair and paranoia. My life was incredibly unmanageable. Yet, I remained sexually sober.

Thanks to new medicines, I slowly pulled away from insanity. That's when I decided to write my autobiography. I would apply myself to the task with a passion. I wrote the five hundred page tome in less than six months. By then, I was totally well. I had exorcised the demons that had haunted me for so many years.

Since I was now on a disability retirement and finished writing my memoirs, I thirsted for something to fulfill me. That's when I remembered characters I had developed in order to entertain a former colleague of mine. I decided to write a book about Sister Mary Olga Fortitude and the zany characters of Bucksnort, Wisconsin.

I wrote The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude in about six weeks. That was soon followed up by Babes in Bucksnort. One book led to another. Within the course of the next three years, I had completed eleven books in the series. I haven't run out of ideas yet. The beautiful thing is that my life has stabilized even though I have recently come out of a devastating relapse with my sexual addiction.

Fortunately, I am once again on the path of recovery. Unfortunately, I have decided to put off publishing my memoirs. They are extremely intimate and I also want to put together a substantial period of sexual sobriety before I consider publishing them. I want to be able to inspire hope for other addicts who might want to see that recovery is possible. Someday, I may be ready to take that step. In the meantime, I am enjoying my life and my creative endeavors.

I hope that you will consider reading my series of hilarious books which has healed me through the gift of laughter. I can guarantee that it will tickle your funny bones. The reviews have been great.

I also hope, for those who are suffering from mental illness or sexual addiction, that they will become aware that help and recovery is possible. If I can do it, anyone can!

Author Davis Aujourd'hui

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