Saturday, October 8, 2011


During the summer of my illness, I had profound spiritual experiences. I had a pastor I'd never previously met tell me that I had been called for a great purpose. He told me that I had a tall, steep mountain to climb. Was he ever right!

In his presence, I once again fell backwards to the floor as, this time, I had a physical experience of Jesus' suffering upon the cross. Afterward I felt an incredible sense of peace. As that summer wore on, I experienced empathy for the alienation that Jesus felt during his final week of earthly light. This occurred during a time when people I had counted upon shunned me and judged me as insane. Indeed I took on their judgments and, once again, experienced insanity as another mania followed.

As before it was filled by spiritual experience, though this time much of that occurred before the mania. The other significant difference was that I remained purely sexually sober this time. That had been the opposite case during my previous experience those many years before. All of this experience will be included in another article about living with and recovering from mental illness. In the meantime my next article will be in a lighter vein.

During this mania, I experienced the same delusion as before. Perhaps there had been some foreshadowing. I had a complete stranger approach me one day and ask me if I was going to walk upon water. I smiled at him and told him, “Not today.”

Author Davis Aujourd'Hui

An incredible synchronicity developed within my life. I would only have to think of a person and that person would immediately call me on the phone or appear in my life at some later point on the same day. Songs on the radio spoke exactly to whatever challenge with which I was dealing. On two of my difficult days, I would walk outside into the rain only to find that the rain was falling around me. I would be bathed in a circle of light and I would remain dry.

I spent hours in daily prayer and meditation. Many of the things for which I prayed immediately came to pass. Spiritual insights would come to me as epiphanies. They were “Ah hah” moments in which it seemed as if a light bulb was going on within my brain. More importantly my soul was beginning to understand many of the mysteries of the spiritual realm.

Many of these spiritual truths will be contained within the lessons in Advanced Holiness within my future Sister Mary Olga Fortitude books. I may even write a non fiction book about them. I couldn't do justice to them within the context of an article. They are not mysteries that are unique to me. What I have discovered as I have continued my spiritual discovery is that I have subsequently come upon spiritual books in which my own previous revelations have been contained. Talk about spiritual validation!

All the while, my sexual recovery remained stable during continuing trials within my life. Life was not getting much easier for me, but I was being given strength from God to endure things of which I would never have thought it possible for me to cope with. My life continued to become an amazing adventure. Thankfully my mania came to a peaceful close. Yet my spiritual life continued to unfold.

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