Monday, October 24, 2011


Well, you already know what used to be some of my deepest and darkest secrets. By sharing them with you, I am letting go of my shame. They also can't be used as weapons against me since I've already put them out there. That's putting my secrets into the light. Now, the question is, “How did I manage to find a way to lighten up myself?”

That's a good question! I've already talked about taking a self-inventory. That's the fourth step in a twelve-step program - “We took a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” Once I was able to look at my flaws and my assets of character, I was able to appreciate that I have been simply human. What I now need to do is to be responsible for my life. My number one responsibility is for maintaining my own personal happiness. No one or nothing can do that for me except myself. The same is true for any of us.

What's helped me has been to talk to another human being with whom I can trust my conflicts. If they can relate, they can help me put things into perspective. Before long, I feel lighter. Then I'm able to look at something like the fight I may have had with my partner and realize how ridiculous my part in it had been. I had been only getting hung up in my own shit again. Talk about insanity!

Think about all of those times when you were convinced that you were right about something. Just remember, depending on who else was involved, there are always that many different perspectives of a given situation. Isn't it more freeing to leave everyone to their own opinions and not always need to be right? That's a form of letting go. It's also a spiritual principle that will help you maintain your joy.

How about looking back upon those occasions when you developed a resentment and look at your part in it. Did you feel like a victim and then become angry and self-righteous? God knows how many times I have done that in my past!

As I've said in “I am my characters,” my characters are based upon those aspects of light and darkness within myself and what I've observed within others. The problem is that, when I focus on other people's shortcomings, I am making a negative judgment. As I've said before, I am also looking at something with which I need to look at within myself.

As I've created my characters and their exaggerated character defects, I am hoping that you will begin to see where you have possessed some of these same attributes yourself. If you can laugh at my characters' antics, you should have the capacity to laugh at your own. That will be your pathway to freedom. It will be your pathway back to your joy.

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We all Need Some Humor in our Lives! I hope you enjoy!

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