Friday, September 30, 2011


I wrongly labeled myself as an agnostic after the time I had come out as a gay man at the age of twenty-three. I did believe in God. I just did not believe some of the teachings of man. I lost interest in the Bible because I chose to judge it based on those parts of the Bible that seemed to judge gay people without love. I began my new spiritual quest on a more personal basis. I came to believe that to be spiritual had nothing to do per se with religion.

My beliefs began to dramatically change after I had an out-of-body experience that included a very real dialog with God. It happened suddenly after what seemingly should have been a very serious, if not fatal, car accident.

I was driving about forty-five miles per hour along a curving road at a point where another road intersected at the curve. I noticed a large truck stopped at the stop sign on the intersecting road, but I paid little attention to it as I was rounding the curve. Suddenly a car pulled around the right side of the truck and into the intersection at the very time I was bearing down on it. I had no time to react.

The occupants of the other car were an elderly couple. In a split-second, I saw the female passenger raise her hands over her head and I could see her look of abject terror as I was about to crash into them head-on. Instead my car seemed to pass right through them and I was left in what I can only describe as a trance state.

For the next several hours I was actually having a conversation with God. It was all a form of telepathy, but I was aware of forming metaphysical questions from a subconscious state and I was getting very definite answers. The experience was so profound that it's difficult to put into words.

In the course of the afternoon I found myself in a variety of locations, including the church in which I had been baptized and the local Roman Catholic cathedral. Finally I found myself at the grave site of my beloved maternal grandmother whose death during my early childhood I had never gotten over. While at each of these spots, the conversation continued. I felt such a sense of peace within me. Yet I didn't really feel as if I was in my body. It was as if my spirit was accompanying my body as I traveled, but was separate from it. I also found myself in contact with the spirit of my recently deceased paternal grandmother. She gave me assurance that she was in a better place and that I should not grieve for her.

While I was at the Cathedral I saw my body walking past the stations of the cross and I felt as if I was in direct communion with Jesus, himself. The experience was awesome, but not overwhelming. It provided me with a tremendous sense of relief as well as a peace I had never known. The one new wrinkle in my spirituality was that I started believing in reincarnation immediately thereafter.

Author Davis Aujourd'hui

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