Friday, September 16, 2011


I left out an important part of my story. That part has to do with how I finally faced my fear about becoming honest with my parents concerning my sexuality. Here is how it happened:

The fall after my wife had left me, I decided it was time to come out to Mom and Dad. I had decided to come out to them while I was at home for Thanksgiving. This caused a great deal of anxiety for me, but I had spent time discussing this decision with my gay support system. I brought along some books to help educate my parents. One of them was a book written by a very devout religious mother of a gay man, titled My Son Eric. Before I took this step, I spent my Saturday night at a local gay bar I'd heard about.

While there I met a strikingly handsome man with whom I enjoyed a night of passion. I arrived home after a sleepless night to find my mother who had spent her own sleepless night worrying over my whereabouts. She was not pleased about my all-nighter! As Dad and my sister, Patty, joined us in the kitchen, I ended the charade I'd been acting out with my folks and I came out to them.

They were surprised and confused, but they let me know that they still loved me. My father naively suggested that he thought life would go easier for me if I could only get back together with my estranged wife and lead the so-called normal life. I patiently tried to tell them the truth I'd kept to myself all of those years and to start dispelling some of the myths about homosexuality.

Naturally, I conveniently kept the troubling aspects of my compulsive sexuality from them! I pretended to be the perfectly-adjusted gay man. Talk about self-deception! Nevertheless, their acceptance of me based on this new knowledge was such a relief; and, they slowly began their own journeys of overcoming homophobia, as they educated themselves about gay people.

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