Saturday, September 17, 2011


I ended up meeting another man with whom I soon fell in love. Before that had come to pass, I realized that I owed it to myself and to my wife to end the marriage. It was not fair to either of us. Painful though it was, that was the best decision I'd made in a very long time.

I met my new fellow at a gay picnic, though we were both seeing other men at the time. Even so, I kept running into him at a gay bar and a gay restaurant. We'd sip on our respective Budweisers and talk about our mutual relationship woes. I thoroughly enjoyed his company and I became delighted when I kept running into him on Thursday nights, almost like clockwork.

After nearly a month of these seemingly coincidental meetings, I ran into him on the first Thursday night in July. When the DJ played Donna Summer's “Last Dance,” he suggested we go for coffee. This gay anthem had been the signal for bar closing since I had first ventured into a gay bar. Quite often, this translated into “hurry up and find someone or you'll go home alone!”

We went to Denny's and drank enough coffee to match the beers we'd been downing at the bar. We became wide-awake drunks, but we were oblivious to the late hour as we continued to enjoy conversation and each other's company. In the parking lot, he made a lovely suggestion that made my heart skip a beat.

He said, “I've really enjoyed your company and I don't want this night this night to end. Would you like to come back to my house? We can talk some more, listen to some music; and, if something else happens, that would be okay with me too.”

That was just the offer I was looking for; and, as the new day dawned, I was exploring more than his bedroom! I left his home bleary-eyed, but exhilarated.

It was an idyllic summer. We spent many of our evenings together and, on those days when I didn't see him, we would spend hours talking on the phone. We seemed to share similar life philosophies and we had much in common. It didn't take me long before I fell in love with this soulful man with beautiful blue eyes through which I would soon walk through an open door.

He too fell in love with me. This was what I had been hoping for ever since my disappointment with Rick. The wonder of our coming together was that we had not gone to bed the first time we had met. I believe this was the reason that our relationship was destined to work. By the end of summer, we were spending every night together. During the following spring, we moved in together. Life seemed good.

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